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We invite you to volunteer with us and support our efforts.

Do you want to engage with us in support of LGBTQ Caregivers and those who care for LGBTQ individuals?

Are you a health and wellness educator or instructor (i.e. dietitian, health coach, yoga teacher, therapist) looking to engage our caregiver community in activities that support holistic health and well-being?

Do you have technical skill sets or personal/professional background that you feel would benefit our community such as caregiving/peer support, community outreach, communications,  marketing, social media, website management?

Are you looking to volunteer your skills in web design, visual design, journalism, media editing, accounting, story telling, public speaking, fundraising, or knowledge of laws and legislation?

We would love to have your support. We rely on volunteers to support our efforts. Reach out today and join us by filling out the form below. Tell us about yourself, why you have an interest in supporting the LGBTQ community and let us know how you would like to help!

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