Understanding LGBTQ Caregivers

Who are LGBTQ Caregivers?

The "Typical LGBTQ Caregiver"

According to the most recent report from the National Caregiver Alliance/AARP Caregiving in the US 2020:

  • The typical LGBTQ Caregiver is young (42.4 years old) and unmarried
  • LGBTQ Caregivers are most often caring for a parent or grandparent 
  • Many LGBTQ Caregivers live with the person they care for or within 20 minutes drive
  • LGBTQ Caregivers report high-intensity caregiving situation spending 28 hours a week assisting with care needs
  • They are more often the Primary Caregiver of their care recipient
  • Most LGBTQ Caregivers work while providing care and more often report financial strain related to caregiving
  • LGBTQ Caregivers more often report being in fair or poor health than non-LGBTQ Caregivers

To read the full report visit www.caregiving.org/research/caregiving-in-the-us

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